Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (2023)

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (1)

Have you ever looked through a scope with cheap glass?

They're fine at shorter ranges, but they really leave a lot to be desired when you're trying to aim at something 100 yards or more away...

They just seem to blur, and you can't really see a clear detail in what you're aiming at...

That's why I'm very happy about itVortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Rifle Scope

Price wise it's more of a mid-range scope, but it gives you the performance of a scope that costs well over a thousand dollars...

Well, if you're in a hurry, here's my super-quick review:

The Vortex Viper 1-6 gives you insanely clear glass, a cool (multipurpose) reticle and super bright illumination that allows it to be used like a red dot sight. It's a fantastic low power variable scope.

If you are looking for more information then read on as in this review we will be covering the following information:

  • Lens clarity and reticle
  • magnification and illumination
  • durability and toughness
  • size of the perimeter
  • Scope Accessories

At the end I will share with you my final thoughts on this area and you should have a clear idea of ​​whether this is an area that can work for you or not.

Let's jump into the review!

Lens clarity and reticle…

The Vortex Viper has amazing lens clarity (rivals theDelta Stryker 1-6x). It's one of the clearest glasses I've used on a low power variable scope, and that includes some of its higher priced competitors.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (2)

It's insanely clear, giving you a clean and sharp viewing image even when using the higher magnification powers (some scopes will blur when set to their high magnification levels).

Vortex brings multiple coatings to the Viper's lenses, and these coatings allow for better light transmission, helping you get a very clear view image in low light conditions and when it's extremely bright outside.

Theeyes reliefis 3.8 inches...so you have some leeway in how far you mount the scope from your eye, and theAugenboxis incredibly generous.

The generous eye box means you can see clearly through the scope from multiple different head positions (with no blackening or shadowing on the sides)...

And I think that's an important feature of a scope because it means you can shoot from awkward positions like under a car or from insideRollover proneand still get a clean visual image.

I also really like the reticle on this scope. It is etched and can be used for rangefinding, determining aiming points and making side corrections when shooting.

Besides, it's aSecond focal plane scope. So the range capabilities of the reticle need to be used at the maximum power level (level 6) and I have found it to work very well.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (3)

Finally, you can get this scope with an MRAD reticle or a MOA reticle.HERRstands for Milliradian and MOA stands for Minute Of Angle.

I personally prefer the MOA reticle because I'm used to it with scopes.

In summary the lens clarity of this scope is fantastic and the reticle is useful, to the point and very user friendly.

Magnification and lighting…

As I mentioned before, this is a 1-6 powered scope. That means with 1 power you can look through this scope without magnification (similar to aRoot point visor)…

...and at 6x magnification, what you see through the scope appears 6x larger than what you see with the naked eye at that distance.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (4)

Simply put, it is a low-power variable scope, a style of scope that has become incredibly popular.

I love low power variable scopes like this one because with their 1 power setting they can be used much like a red dot sight...

However, you still have magnification available if you need to reach a range of 3...4...or 500 yards (or more).

It's a very versatile look and I think that's why so many people are drawn to it. Now the Vortex Viper 1-6 in particular works really well in the red dot sight role...

The reason for this is that it includes illumination in the scope's reticle. The illumination is powered by a CR2032 battery and appears as a small red dot directly in the center of the reticle.

And what really sets this scope apart from many of its competitors is that little red dot gets extremely bright... pretty much as bright as the dot on a reflex sight.

Most scopes with illumination don't get really bright unless you pay over $1,000...

...but the Viper doesn't cost nearly as much and as I said, the illumination is super bright.

It makes this scope a quick optic to use as your eye can pick up the bright red dot very quickly.

Durability and toughness…

The Vortex Viper 1-6 is a pretty durable scope. First off, the tube is made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum and is hard anodized.

The hard-anodized finish protects it from corrosion and because it's a matte black color, the body of the scope doesn't reflect light and can really blend in with its surroundings.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (5)

I like this because it makes sense if you want to put this optic on a go-to rifle, which is the role I see for this optic.

Additionally, the side and elevation knobs are capped and sit relatively low...

I always prefer adjustment knobs that are either flush or low sitting because that makes them less likely to break off if they get bumped or bumped around a bit.

You can hear and feel the adjustment clicks when zeroing your scope and it really gives you the feeling that this scope is built to a high standard.

I also really liked that this scope is waterproof and anti-fog. So you won't have any trouble using it in the rain, snow or wet...

...and on top of all that, Vortex is bringing a coating to the outer scope lens that they call AmorTek.

The AmorTek coating makes the lens super durable and prevents scratches.

Like I said before, this scope is pretty tough and if you're a civilian it will easily handle whatever you put it through.

size of the circumference…

The Vortex Viper 1-6 is a medium-sized, low-power variable scope. It has a 24mm lens that gives you a great field of view.

At a power of 1 you can see an area of ​​approximately 112 (112.5) feet at a hundred yards, and at a power of 6 you can see an area of ​​approximately 18 (18.8) feet at a hundred yards.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (6)

I really like this large field of view because it breaks up the tunnel vision you sometimes get when looking through a scope and gives you a better awareness of what's around your target.

The tube size is 30mm, which is always my preference for this type of scope, and it's 10.9 inches long, which isn't too bad in terms of length.

Finally, this scope weighs 22.7 ounces, which is admittedly a bit bulky, but considering the glass quality and super bright illumination, I give it a pass for being a bit heavier than some other 1-6 scopes.

Scope accessories…

The Vortex Viper comes with a CR2032 battery and lens cloth. This means that you must pick up a mount in order to mount it on your rifle.

If you mount it on aAR-15, I strongly encourage you to check it outAero Precision Ultralight mount.

It's my favorite scope mount at the moment because it's super light, it's secure, and it mounts the scope a bit further forward...so you can set the eye relief just right.

Additionally, you might want to add a throw lever into the mix. I don't think adding a throwing lever is necessary, but if you have the money for one...

...it's something I like to add to a low power variable optic like this because it lets you go from 1 to 6 (and back) extremely quickly.

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review – Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, I think the Vortex Viper PST (Gen 2) 1-6 scope is a great addition to the low power variable scope market...

  • It has this insanely clear lens
  • It has a great (multipurpose) reticle
  • And it has super bright illumination
Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 Review - An AWESOME scope with insanely clear glass... - Red Dot Shooters (8)

Add to that the reasonable price it carries and I think it's one of the best 1-6 gain scopes you can get right now!

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