12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (2023)

West Coast Dachshund puppies aretop group.

Dachshund breeders in California hold themselves to high standards in both selective breeding and puppy rearing and distribution.

After all, their American Kennel Club credentials speak for themselves!

Dachshunds are a fun bunch and always make for an entertaining sight.

Dachshunds, also commonly referred to as "Weiner" or "sausage" dogs, are a small breed of German hunting dog.

They can be either miniature or standard (also called "tweeny" by some breeders), and their coat can be either wiry, smooth, or long. They have consistently been ranked as one of America's most popular dog breeds. Historically, the dachshund was a working dog used for badger hunting.

You have a distincttemperament of a hunting dog, tend to be suspicious of strangers and, unlike most small dogs, have a high prey drive.

This vivacity and attitude of big dogs is what some people find endearing about dachshunds. They are usually very fearless, energetic, and extroverted, and they can evendegenerateif not properly cared for!

But which dachshund breeder in California would best meet your needs?

Without further ado, let’s meet the real west side breeders!

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1. Dachshund Breeders in Northern California:

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (1)

It's only right that we start at the top!

There are a number of reputable dachshund breeders in NorCal and we've rounded up the most well-known of them. Most of them are in peaceful, secluded properties and are cared for by loving and dedicated breeders.

Dachshund puppies across North Cali are looking for loving homes.

If you have your sights set on a Doxie, you might want to visit one of the following kennels and get in touch through one of the contacts we have provided?

1.1. Songcatcher Dachshund, California

This quality kennel is located inNevada City, California,Not far away fromSacramento. They have been in business since the 80's and breed both Miniature and Tweeny (Standard) Dachshunds in smooth or long haired varietiesmany patterns and colors, includingEnglish cream!

These dedicated and passionate dachshund breeders also raise cattle and breed horses on their large estate.

What is the secret of Songcatcher's dachshund puppies?

They feed their dachshundsraw foodas well as regularlyDog Food, and claim it does wonders for their dog's health. After all, this is what dogs should eat.

The clean air and open fields of the ranch help too, I'm sure.

You strive for perfectionin their pups and are part of a small community of exceptional breeders to work with on this mission.

Contact information:

• Website:www.songcatcherdachshunds.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Telephone number: 530-265-4356

1.2. Way to waddle dachshund

This charming kennel, whose website states that it is located at the"Northern California Foothills",hatonly Smooth Standard Dachshund puppies for sale.

They are a family kennel and love their puppies very much so they are very specific about who gets to buy them but that is common with reputable breeders.

They just want to offer their four-legged family members a quality new home, even if they turn away impatient customers!

So does Wee Waddles have a long waiting list?

They claim not to have a waiting list for their puppies...they decide who gets to adopt one of their puppies by getting to know them in person. They don't want their puppies to be used in illegal breeding processes, so they will likely question you about it.

They also require a $75 deposit for each arranged adoption.

You can see some of the photos of the available puppies on their website and also read their details on the adoption process.

They have been in the breeding business for over a quarter of a century and know the Dachshunds inside out. If you have any questions you should visit the Wee Waddles website or contact them directly.

Contact information:

• Website:www.weewaddlesdachshunds.com

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• Email:[Email Protected]

• Telephone number:209-897-0336

• I G:@wee_waddles_ doxies

1.3. Dandydox-Dackel

This AKCBreeder Of Merit is located and owned in Redding, Northern Californiaby a lady who introduces herself simply as "Nancy".

At Dandydox, they focus exclusively on miniature long-haired dachshunds that are carefully bred and have desirable traits in every respect.

This kennel has a wide breeding practice and offers many, many different colors and strains on their website.

What are the best colors for a dachshund?

English cream long haired doxies are particularly appreciated, but more on that later!

Dachshunds and mini-dachshunds come in a variety of colors, but the most common are red, black, tan, cream and tan, with patterns such as brindle, piebald and sometimes evensprinkle!

All of these varieties are available at Kennel Dandydox.

Dark eyes are preferred in these sausage dogs and are the hallmark of champion heritage in Dachshund dogs.

Well known among miniature dachshund breeders in California, this kennel is a proud member of theDachshund Club of America, the Northern California Dachshund Club and the Shasta Kennel Clubas shown on their website, and their puppies are regulars at AKC dog shows.

Contact information:

• Website:www.dandydoxdachshunds.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone number: N/A

2. Dachshund breeders from the LA region

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (2)

Moving to the SoCal region, we bring you four amazing kennels in L.A. Both deal in Champion and AKC stock and will thoroughly screen each candidate before picking up a pup or sending it to a new home.

Dachshund breeders in the remote areas of California truly have everything a dog could desire: sprawling ranches, quality grooming, available supplies, and a year-round sunny climate that will make their personalities more vibrant and positive.

However, those in Los Angeles are as cool and prestigious as the City of Angels itself!

2.1. full circle dachshund

Full Circle Dachshunds are breeders of miniature dachshunds from Leona Valley, California. Full Circle Ranch is an idyllic property in northern Los Angeles County.

This AKC-certified family kennel has dedicated 17 years developing their breeding practices to raise some of the best mini dachshund puppies on the West Coast.

A deposit of $300 is required to adopt a puppy, but this only applies if you have already chosen your puppy.

Miniature Dachshund vs Regular Dachshund… What's the Difference?

Miniature Doxies aretwo to three inches shorter at the shoulder, and have a smaller frame than normal dachshunds. Their coat is either smooth, wiry, or long, just like that of the standard.

This version of the Dachshund is recognized by the AKC, so you'll want to make sure your kennel is too! Some "mini dachshunds" are actually dachshunds bred with Chihuahuas, and as such they cannot maintain a pedigree or compete in shows.

The deposit for the Full Circle puppies is non-refundable. This includes the puppy's AKC papers and vaccination and deworming certificates with the puppy.

They post most updates on theirsFacebook sitewith which they advertise their company.

Judging by the comments there, Full Circle puppies are very, very much in demand.

You can also contact them in other ways listed below.

Contact information:

• Website:www.fullcircledachshunds.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Telephone number: +1 661-816-5614

• I G:@fullcircledoxies

2.2. Mini-Dackel hisses

This quality oriented kennel is located inMenifee, Riverside County.

Started as a pure stud dog service, today he has four bitches and three stud dogs.

Karen and her husband have seven grandchildren who help them care for their numerous family members.

They sell both smooth-haired and long-haired dachshunds in a variety of patterns and colors.

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All of their puppies are either AKC or CKC certified, and they have an application form to fill out on their website. The website says they don't have any puppies at the moment but I would message them just in case as the statement may be out of date.

They also raise their puppies and care for them for the first eight months of their lives.

They accept online payment methods like Venmo and PayPal and only take cash on collection.

Contact information:

• Website:www.desisminidoxie.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Telephone number:951-288-5909

2.3. Tudorglen-Dackel

Tudorglen Dachshund is aBased in Los AngelesKennel that has had great success at dog shows and strives to create the most representative pup they can. They have spent years breeding, grooming and training dachshunds for club show purposes and they are one of the most show oriented dachshund breeders in California.

Every dachshund pup at Tudorglen is co-bredat least one AKC champion parent.

If you prefer a small breeder who is wholeheartedly committed to breeding champion dachshunds, then Tudorglen might be for you!

They are particularly proud of their valuable stud dogs,Lincoln, to which many of her puppies are related. Lincoln is a Russian-born Miniature Smooth Dachshund who has seen numerous wins at club shows and you can read his story on the kennel's website.

Avid dog show enthusiasts, they also coach first-time show attendees in handling.

If you want to see your pup in a show ring, give them a call!

Contact information:

• Website:www.tudorglen.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone number: N/A

2.4. Krone Dackel

If you are a fan ofEnglish cream dachshundand miniature dachshunds, be sure to check out this prestigious kennel.

They are a family run, small kennel who have put all their effort into the color and variation of this one Dachshund breed; They only offer English Cream Mini Doxies!

This is an exquisite breed of mini dachshund with a golden cream color reminiscent of the golden retriever.

The Crown Dachshunds Kennel takes care of the vaccination and deworming and makes the puppies available to their new owners at the age of eight weeks, along with a kit that includes a blanket that smells like the pup's mother, a packet of food, vitamins ,a new toy, and even onenew bed!

Where is Crown Dachshund located?

The home address of the kennel is inLoma Linda, California, in San Bernardino County, L.A.

While not on a far-flung ranch like many of these listed kennels, the puppies are cared for by breeders with close family ties, and that still makes for a loving home.

Contact information:

• Website:www.crowndachshunds.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone number: (760) 789-0592

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3. Dachshund puppies for sale in Southern California

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (3)

Many breeders on this list hail from the dry and sunny valleys of Southern California, past the greater Los Angeles area.

These kennels are typically family run and are located well away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

These breeders adhere to some rigorous breeding programs and the result is wonderful Doxie puppies of every variety possible!

Some are even highly specialized in breeding a specific color or size.

3.1. Tall Desert Dachshunds

In a calm neighborhoodActon, California, in the Mojave Desert, High Desert Doxies is a kennel offering both long and short haired dachshunds in both sizes, but more commonly miniature doxies.

Their breeding program includes all kinds of colors and patterns,"Chocolate & Cream, chocolate and tan, red, black & tan and Isabellas in one color, piebald, brendles and dapples"as stated on their website. The site also includes a puppy contract, which includes i.ano cash refund policy,So use caution when choosing your High Desert pup.

However, you canExchange the puppy for anotherif you are not satisfied. However, remember that dachshunds are clingy and easily attached. If you do, you might just break the poor pup's heart.

The High Desert Kennel also has an adult Dachshund adoption program.

All High Desert puppies are:


Certified by the American Kennel Club


Dewormed and provided with special protection against parasites

Free microchip (only at buyer's request)

Contact information:

• Website:www.highdesertdoxies.com

• Email:highdesertdoxies @yahoo.com

• Telephone number:661-750-9211

3.2. DeLorenzo Dachshund

These highly acclaimed Dachshund dog breeders are inMoreno Valley, CA.

Their website says they are"A small, family-owned, licensed AKC Dachshund breeder in Southern California."

They are a very busy kennel so there is a 12 month waiting period for a DeLorenzo puppy. It's worth it though as these puppies are of such high quality!

The proof is in the pudding so you can check out all the pictures of her puppies and parents on her website along with some very happy customers.

They have a fixed price for their puppies and also require a $300 deposit!

How much does a dachshund cost on average in California?

Dachshund puppy prices can vary between different California Dachshund breeders and will depend on the particular puppy and the reason you are getting one (as a pet, for breeding, etc.), but they average anywhere from $300 to $3000!

Mind you, American Kennel Club certified pedigree puppies tend to be in the upper price bracket.

Due to the current situation with the COVID pandemic, they do not allow home visits for the time being, but you are welcome to contact them.

Contact information:

• Website:www. delorenzodachshund.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone number: N/A

• I G:@ delorenzo_dachshunds

3.3. Nuforest Dachshund kennel

Nuforest Dachshund is a kennel based in Ramona, South Cali and run by Bill and Susan Buck. Since retiring, the two have dedicated their lives to breeding Dachshunds and have found great success with their Doxie puppies.

Nuforest Dachshund specializes in miniature dachshunds.

They breed all versions: long haired, smooth haired and wire haired Miniature Dachshund puppies are available at this kennel. Not only is the kennel AKC certified, but they also have special merit with the Kennel Club!

Nuforest Dachshund-Garantie:

• 14 days to replace your puppy if you just don't like it and want another

• Have a one-year health guarantee forgenetic health problems. If one is found, the dog can be replaced

• $500 refund if the dog is shown at an AKC Championship

However, they also have their own conditions. To see the details of the contract, you can visit their website.

The Ramona Kennel also helps with the rescue.

Contact information:

• Website:www. nuforestdachshunds.com

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone number: (760) 789-0592

4. Central Valley

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (4)

This last group of growers is based on the breezy plains of central California.

Last but not least, the great valley is home to two reputable dachshund breeders who have miniature dachshund puppies available.

4.1. Groundhound Dackel

These miniature dachshund breeders hail from Montega, ca.

This family kennel is dedicated to breeding puppies with the most desirable temperaments to make an ideal pet and loving addition to your family.

(Video) Dachshunds Top 10 Facts

As adorable as the Dachshund may be, there are still some out thereundesirable propertiesthat savvy breeders recognize and outbreed to create the perfect pup. Most of them are related to his temperament and behavior.

Her puppies are vaccinated, socialized and come with an amazing eight year health guarantee.

You could move all the way afterBerry, Alabamaanytime so be sure to contact her quickly if you are interested in any of her puppies!

Contact information:

• Website:www.groundhounds.webs.com/

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Telephone number: 209-275-0313

• Facebook:ground dogs

4.2. Colorful Dachshunds - Central Ca, Monterey

DiesMonterey, CAKennel also specializes in breeding and raising AKC certified Miniature Dachshund puppies. They have all kinds of coat varieties, coat colors, and patterns of miniature dachshund puppies for sale.

Your puppies have a one-year health guarantee, but only in relation to life-threatening congenital defects. The kennel participates in an AKC-sponsored breeding program that aims to improve the cardiovascular health of newborn puppies through responsible breeding.

You will receive the one-year health guarantee in writing when you buy a puppy, as well as the pedigree of the American Kennel Club and the vaccination and health certificates.

Their website has pictures of their beloved puppies on display along with some guidelines and even a poem about dachshunds!

Feel free to contact them using the information we have provided.

Contact information:

• Website:www.bunte-dachshunds.com/

• Email:[Email Protected]

• Phone Number: 1-408-840-1842

• I G:@buntedackel

The Best Dachshund Breeders: What Makes Them Different?

12 Trusted Dachshund Breeders in California (5)

The best dachshund breeders aretransparent, reliable and AKC certified!

Sure, there are puppies on all sales sites and you might come across many ads for breeders in your area when you first decide to do some research, but with non-certified breeders you never know what you're getting!

Aside from not having a pedigree and therefore being disqualified from kennel club shows altogether, your dog could have a problem that your breeder hasn't informed you about, which could even be serious, or even be a mixed breed dog!

It's not unusual at all! Some people are just unscrupulous breeders with poor breeding practices.

AKC registrationis particularly important if you have breeding ambitions yourself. A puppy without a pedigree just isn't enough!

Before making any vital decision like buying a dog, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dog breeder you are dealing with.


These are some of theCream of the HarvestDachshund breeders in California.

If you buy a puppy from one of them, AKC registration is a given, and that's trueVaccination, deworming, early rearing and the opportunity to start a new business if something goes wrong.

Some of them require certain conditions such as filling out a questionnaire or paying a deposit when choosing a puppy, while others do not.

No matter what part of Cali you are in, dachshund puppies are in abundance waiting for a new friend and loving home, and they come in every size, color andgender!

Standard or miniature, short-haired or long-haired dachshund, or any color or pattern familiar to man and dog alike, this breed makes an amazing pet through and through.

Between their small size and adorable looks, and their fearlessness and proud stature, it's not hard to see why the Dachshund is one of the most popular dog breeds out there, and likely will remain so for a long, long time to come(pun intended).

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Which type of dachshund has the best temperament? ›

Many believe that longhaired dachshunds resulted from breeding smooth dachshunds with cocker spaniels. This makes sense, given that cocker spaniels are known for their sweet, affectionate personalities, and longhaired dachshunds, too, are often described as the gentlest and most cuddly of the three dachshund types.

Are there 3 sizes of Dachshunds? ›

Dachshunds come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and kaninchen (German for "rabbit").

What are 3 types of dachshund? ›

About the Breed

Dachshunds can be standard-sized (usually 16 to 32 pounds) or miniature (11 pounds or under), and come in one of three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired.

At what age should you stop breeding a dachshund? ›

Many vets suggest that dogs of normal health should be retired from breeding around 8 years old. The strictest standard to retire a dog from breeding is 5 years of age. Consult your vet when considering breeding a dog older than 5 years old.

Which dachshund is the calmest? ›

Because the wire-haired Dachshunds have terrier in their lineage, they're often less calm than their long-haired cousins, who are the quietest and calmest of the three types.

Are dachshunds hard to potty train? ›

As cute as they are, Dachshunds are notoriously hard to potty train. In fact, statistics show they are among the top 20 breeds considered to be the hardest to housebreak.

How long does a dachshund live? ›

On average, the lifespan of a Standard Dachshund is between 12 and 14 years. Dachshunds are considered to be among the breed of dogs that lives the longest. They are tiny dogs and like other small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Pomeranians, Dachshunds live long because of their size.

What color dachshunds are rare? ›

While black is one of the main base colors of Dachshunds, a solid black is the rarest Dachshund color in the world. This is because a solid black coat is achieved when both parents have the same rare recessive gene. Usually Dachshunds with black genes also have the genes for tan points.

What is the best dachshund mix? ›

so early socialization ensures she'll always be your best dog.
  • Doxle (Beagle Dachshund Mix) ...
  • Dorgi (Dachshund Corgi Mix) ...
  • Doxiepoo (Dachshund Poodle Mix) ...
  • Golden Dox (Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix) ...
  • Daug (Dachshund Pug Mix) ...
  • Dachsador (Dachshund Labrador Retriever Mix) ...
  • Dorkie (Dachshund Yorkshire Terrier Mix)
Sep 30, 2021

How do I choose a dachshund puppy? ›

Breeders. If you buy from a breeder, make sure your puppy will be well socialised and have all necessary screening tests, health checks and vaccinations. It's really important that Dachshund puppies from a breeder get the right early socialisation so always ask the breeder about how they go about this.

What are dachshunds notorious for? ›

Though they may not look it, dachshunds were bred as ferocious hunters, employed on the trail to crawl into badger and rabbit holes to flush out their prey. Still sometimes used as hunting dogs, most modern dachshunds are just as happy with plenty of daily play followed by lazing around the home with their humans.

Are Dachshunds a difficult breed? ›

As per experts, Dachshund's stubborn nature hampers its training. Training this breed can be very challenging. Some Dachshund dog-owners even give up the idea of teaching their pups. So, if you are looking for an obedient and easy to train dog, Dachshund might not be the right dog for you.

How many times should a Dachshund be bred? ›

For bigger dogs, it's once every six months or twice a year. On the other hand, smaller dogs can have as many as four cycles per year. Most experts would advise avoiding Dachshund pregnancies on the first cycle. This causes an increased risk for certain health issues.

How many Dachshunds are usually in a litter? ›

Dachshunds usually have 1 to 6 puppies per litter, but can have more depending on the size of the dog.

Why do Dachshunds ignore you? ›

If you lack patience, your Dachshund would most likely ignore you rather than obey you. Dogs can sometimes be like little kids. They want to explore a lot of things. They have minds of their own and would like to be independent as much as possible.

What does owning a Dachshund say about you? ›

Dachshunds are stubborn and brave, often acting as if invincible. When owners of dachshunds want something, they don't give up until they get it. Dachshund owners love gardening and just like the dogs, digging up things. They can sometimes be bossy and often dislike not getting their own way.

How smart are Dachshunds? ›

As a surprise to many dachshund parents, doxies ranked #92 out of 138 of the smartest dog breeds. Dachshunds were part of the “average intelligence” dog breeds group.

Do dachshunds like to be the only dog? ›

Dachshunds do not always get along with other dogs and cats without being well socialized from a young age. They often prefer to be your one-and-only pup. It can be a challenge for a Dachshund to be in a home with young children, as they tend to play too rough and may bite.

Do dachshunds make good house pets? ›

As family dogs, dachshunds are loyal companions and good watchdogs. They are good with children if treated well. They can be slightly difficult to train. Some dachshund fanciers say there are personality differences among the different varieties of the breed.

Do dachshunds hold grudges? ›

Dogs don't hold grudges. They only appear to if the humans around them react negatively, because then we're telling our dogs to do the same. So the next time you have to discipline or correct your dog, don't worry. She won't resent you for it.

Why do Dachshunds pee everywhere? ›

If your Dachshund suddenly starts peeing in the house when they hadn't been before, it could signal a medical condition like a urinary tract infection, incontinence, or cushing's disease. Please see your veterinarian to rule out any medical causes if peeing in the house is a new, sudden change.

How long can Dachshunds hold their poop? ›

They Can't Hold It

Your Dachshund should not have to “hold it” for more than 4 hours at a time, at any age. That's right! Even as an adult Dachshund, they will need to be let outside every 4 hours to maintain good potty training skills.

How often should you bathe a Dachshund puppy? ›

How often should you bathe a dachshund? You should aim to bathe your dachshund around once every three months. No matter what coat your dachshund has, you should apply the three-month rule for all variations of the dachshund breed.

What is the most common cause of death for Dachshunds? ›

Heart Disease

Heart failure is a leading cause of death among Dachshunds in their golden years. Most heart disease in dogs is caused by the weakening or slow deformity of heart valves such that they no longer close tightly; blood then leaks back around these weakened valves, straining the heart.

How long should a Dachshund be left alone? ›

In general, we would suggest that the maximum length of time you should leave any dog alone is 4 hours and that is for an adult dog. They should not, in any case, be left in a small cage (crate) for long periods and you may find that a foldaway pen might be more practical and allow your dog more space.

Do Dachshunds remember their owners? ›

But while their short-term memory could maybe use some improving, their long-term memory is impressive, to say the least. Dogs most certainly recognize and remember their owners, even after long absences.

Why are dapple dachshunds rare? ›

Dapple Dachshund or Double Dachshund puppies are considered rare compared to the standard Dachshund because the colorway is much less common. A Dachshund puppy with two Dapple Dachshund parents is even rarer because the genetics will be 100% Dapple compared to just one parent having this colorway.

What is a hidden dapple dachshund? ›

Some Dapple Dachshunds will have lots of dappling that is noticeable and some will have hidden dapple. Meaning that you cannot see the dappling but it is within the dogs genetics. 2.

What is a blue dachshund called? ›

Blue Dachshunds come in two sizes — standard and miniature.
What Is an Isabella Dachshund and How Does It Compare to a Blue Doxie?
Blue DachshundsIsabella Dachshunds
Gray, steel, or lavender coatLight brown, beige, or lilac coat
Black or gray nose, eyes, nails, and feetBlack or brown nose, eyes, nails, and feet
1 more row

What dachshund mix has no shedding? ›

Doxiepoo (Poodle x Dachshund)

However, by crossing a dachshund with a breed like the poodle, which takes training well and hardly sheds at all, you can get the perfect apartment pet.

Are 2 Dachshunds better than one? ›

Yes. Because they are a social breed, they go better together in pairs or packs. They can entertain and engage each other with less reliance on humans. Also, having a bonded pair allows the dogs to transition into a new home easier.

Are Dachshunds jealous dogs? ›

Dachshunds are lively, playful, and clever. They have a reputation for being on the stubborn side, too. Fiercely loyal, this popular breed often bonds very closely with just one person and can get jealous easily and become lonely if not given enough attention by the object of their affection.

How do I choose a Dachshund puppy from a litter? ›

Check the appearance of pups and mum

a clear nose with no discharge. clear breathing with no wheezing or coughing. clean ears with no redness and obvious wax or discharge. healthy-looking skin with no scabs or sores.

Should I get a male or female Dachshund puppy? ›

Male Dachshunds are better with other animals than female Dachshunds because they're friendlier. Female Dachshunds can get territorial with their designated person and won't want to share. Female Dachshunds also tend not to get along with other female Dachshunds.

What to know before buying a mini Dachshund? ›

They are curious dogs and love being active. Consistent training is necessary to overcome their natural hunting instincts but when this is done, they are a wonderful, loving and devoted pet that will bring much joy into your home. They are friendly and great family pets for older children.

Why do Dachshunds put their paw up? ›

The lifting of a front paw can be a sign of stress or fear. The animal may be facing a situation in which he or she feels insecure or even threatened. In these cases, lifting the paw is a signal of uncertainty, and owners should try to reassure the animals they are not under threat.

Do Dachshunds pick a favorite person? ›

Dachshunds, on the other hand, will show a good amount of love to all of their family members, but they tend to be more attached and attentive to one particular person. That person isn't always the one who feeds, trains, or spends the most time with them.

Why do Dachshunds pick a favorite person? ›

Physical affection solidifies the bond between your Dachshund and you. If you give him plenty of massages, attention, grooming sessions, fills his bowl every morning, and takes him for a walk every morning, he will most likely seek you out more compared to other people.

Can Dachshunds jump off couches? ›

In relation to the statement regarding jumping on and off furniture and using stairs, our advice, based on numerous research studies, is that a Dachshund in good body condition, that is well-muscled, should be perfectly capable of tolerating the normal activities of day-to-day living.

Do Dachshunds get their feelings hurt? ›

Dachshunds DO In Fact Feel Emotions – According to Science. Dachshund owners everywhere would agree that their beloved Fido has a plethora of emotions. Science has proven that Dachshunds DO in fact feel emotions, but it's important to note which emotions they actually feel, and which emotions we think they feel.

Why are Dachshunds so whiny? ›

It can mean your Doxie needs out if he is trained to whine to go potty. It can also be stress related or from pain. But a bored dog will whine as well. If you've ruled out the other reasons, it could be your Doxie is needs something to do.

How long is a Dachshund pregnant for? ›

Pregnancy (also known as gestation) in dogs lasts for around 9 weeks, varying from 63-65 days. It is the period in which embryos develop using nutrients supplied via the placenta from the mum.

Can you breed two Dapples together? ›

Whilst the standard advice, therefore, is never to breed two dapples together, the danger comes from how easy it is to miss the dapple marking in one of the proposed breeding pair, thus unwittingly breeding a double dapple mating. The Kennel Club will not register puppies bred from two Dapple parents.

What happens when you breed two dapple dachshunds? ›

There are lethal genes commonly associated with Double Dapple. The problems associated with the lethal genes in Double Dapples are varying degrees of vision and hearing loss, including missing eyes or “micro eyes”. Blindness and/or deafness can be caused by the Double Dapple gene combination.

What two dogs make a Dachshund? ›

The smooth-haired dachshund, the oldest style, may be a cross between the German Shorthaired Pointer, a Pinscher, and a Bracke (a type of bloodhound), or to have been produced by crossing a short Bruno Jura Hound with a pinscher.

At what age is a Dachshund no longer a puppy? ›

At what age is a Dachshund fully grown? Dachshunds will be fully grown before their first birthday. Most Dachshunds pups will reach their adult weight and height around eight months old. They may continue to fill out slightly, but their growth rate will slow down significantly around this time.

How many times a day do Dachshunds poop? ›

A good rule thumb is that dogs should poop at least once a day. Some may poop up to five times, others two or three. Anything over five could be worth keeping an eye on.

Are mini or standard Dachshunds better? ›

There aren't very many behavioral differences between standard dachshunds and miniature dachshunds. They are both medium to small breed dogs, with a penchant for mischief and stubbornness. However, they are highly trainable and capable dogs at any size.

Are long haired Dachshunds calmer than short haired? ›

Smooth haired Dachshunds are loyal, stubborn, and have a high prey drive like their hunting ancestors. Long haired Dachshunds, in contrast, tend to be more gentle, sweet and calm, whereas wire haired Dachshunds can be more feisty, comedic, and clownish.

Do long haired Dachshunds have a better temperament? ›

Of the three coat varieties, the long haired Dachshunds tend to be the friendliest due to the breeding in of Irish setter and spaniel into their lines. This breed is intelligent but not particularly easy to train since it has a curious nature and a mind of its own.

Are male or female Dachshunds easier to train? ›

Training. The male Dachshund is loyal to his humans and a people pleaser. He's generally more trainable than his sister. He is driven by praise, food and wants to please his owners.

Are Dachshunds smart? ›

As a surprise to many dachshund parents, doxies ranked #92 out of 138 of the smartest dog breeds. Dachshunds were part of the “average intelligence” dog breeds group.

How long does a Dachshund live? ›

On average, the lifespan of a Standard Dachshund is between 12 and 14 years. Dachshunds are considered to be among the breed of dogs that lives the longest. They are tiny dogs and like other small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Pomeranians, Dachshunds live long because of their size.

Can Dachshunds swim? ›

Dachshunds can swim, but that doesn't mean it'll be their favorite hobby. Wiener dogs weren't bred for swimming, but they can potentially be taught to like it through repetition and encouragement. Remember that training any new skills can take time and patience.

Are dachshunds happier in pairs? ›

Yes. Because they are a social breed, they go better together in pairs or packs. They can entertain and engage each other with less reliance on humans. Also, having a bonded pair allows the dogs to transition into a new home easier.

Which type of dachshund sheds the least? ›

The wirehaired Dachshund's coat is uniformly tight, short, and thick. His rough, hard outer coat protects him from the elements and is the reason he sheds the least of the three varieties.

Do dachshunds have a lot of personality? ›

Temperament. Dachshunds are lively, playful, and clever. They have a reputation for being on the stubborn side, too. Fiercely loyal, this popular breed often bonds very closely with just one person and can get jealous easily and become lonely if not given enough attention by the object of their affection.

What does owning a dachshund say about you? ›

Dachshunds are stubborn and brave, often acting as if invincible. When owners of dachshunds want something, they don't give up until they get it. Dachshund owners love gardening and just like the dogs, digging up things. They can sometimes be bossy and often dislike not getting their own way.

Should Dachshunds sleep with you? ›

A majority of Dachshund parents are away from their pups all day, so keeping them in bed at night allows for more precious time together. Experts say that as long as you and your Dachshund are both healthy, sleeping in bed with them can be more beneficial than not.

Do Dachshunds favor one person? ›

Dachshunds, on the other hand, will show a good amount of love to all of their family members, but they tend to be more attached and attentive to one particular person. That person isn't always the one who feeds, trains, or spends the most time with them.

What is the best food for sausage dogs? ›

Here are The Dog Food Advisor's best dog food brands for Dachshunds for January 2023.
  • Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice Small Breed Adult.
  • Open Farm Harvest Chicken.
  • Dr. ...
  • Wellness Small Breed Adult.
  • Merrick Lil' Plates Grain Free Wet Dog Food.
  • Castor and Pollux Organix Organic Small Breed Healthy Grains.


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